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Nov 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
or not the path of pockets of violence to his two state solution. let's be honest, in recent days, hamas in the midst of the conflict with israel welcome the secretary general, prime minister v-chip comforter set turkey, iraq, jordan come the pulse to any authority, saudi arabia and sudan. in a statement today, the foreign secretary briefly lauded president abbas is the greatest man of peace. he genuinely wants to support moderate palestinians in efforts to engage in meaningful negotiations. an extension about further violence or politics secure his legitimacy and results. just eight days ago the foreign secretary sought to this position by telling the recognition the united nations could risk paradise in the process. he spoke again of the process today. when will the foreign secretary understands that there is no process, only paralysis. indeed, can the foreign secretary say what he was today. and a masters continued with a legal settlement building there's been continued attacks. and fighting continued conflict, continued occupation. there's been continued blockade, but no meaningful n
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm EST
, the impact that may have not only with regard to hamas, but the area around him, and if he thinks about making compromise, what he sees is the high likelihood this is going to produce a backlash. he gives an interview with channel 2 in israel where he speaks he's personally not going back, and he's burning effigy and administrations against him in gaza, and assumings what the consequences are if he takes those steps. that's a chilling effect on him. also, given what you see with the arab awakening, that's made him, perhaps, not surprising reasons, but act popular. flip side in israel, same thing. you do a deal, and is it going to be durable, you know, what do you face after it, and this is a time where rather than thinking about taking big leaps forward, there's a tend sigh to think about what are the risks, and not what are the opportunities? i would say it's understandable that both sides have the view, and there's also something else. you know, the status quo will not remain static. the demographic clock keeps ticking, and the currents among palestinians says one person, one vote. i
Nov 26, 2012 8:30pm EST
on this day, so much is now, and they are all, of course, interconnected. hamas is testing israel. israel is testing egypt. there's more uncertainty than ever about syria, its relationship with iran, whether it can hold lebanon together, what is hezbollah doing now that its backers are in their own fights inside syria. the evolving role of qatar and saudi arabia, and turkey playing a role. it's enormous. of anything at the security conference, this is probably the least secure discussion there is. i'm reminded of bob dylan's favorite song, "along the watchtower," and that should be our anthem this morning. there must be a way out of here so let's aim for some relief and less confusion, and i want to propose the following format just for the beginning of this panel, and then i think i want to open it up to a lot of questions from the floor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3